Glossary of Terms

Some definitions which apply to our editions are listed below.  If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Open Edition

An edition issued without limit, individual number, and often artists signature. Some, however, have been signed by one or more relevant veterans to the scene depicted.


Limited Edition

An edition of identical prints, numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the quantity in the edition. Following publication the printing plates are destroyed. Almost all of our Limited Editions are authenticated with the original signatures of distinguished military or aviation personnel. 


Artist's Proofs

Artist's Proofs are traditionally a quantity of prints (normally 10% of the edition) reserved for the artist and are numbered separately from the rest of the edition. They may carry extra signatures or a companion print or be the same as the main edition but are often more sought after because of their higher exclusivity.


Publishers Proof / Studio Proof

A quantity of prints, not always announced or issued at the time of publication, usually equal to no more than 10% of the edition, reserved for the publisher's use such as donations to Museums.  Quantities of Publisher's/Studio Proofs, sometimes issued with a supplementary print or converted into canvas, may be made available to collectors either at the time of publication or at a later date.

Multi-Signed Prints

The further addition of genuine signatures to create a multi-signed print or book can greatly enhance the collectability of your piece, one reason why our exhibitions with the presence of WWII veterans remain so popular. This is an area that we tend to specialise in and we are constantly visiting veterans to add their signatures to relevant prints and pencil drawings. We always stock a range of multi-signed work and rare documents carrying original signatures of aircrew and prominent historical figures of all nations.


Price on Application – This means that the item is most likely in the secondary market as it is no longer in print. If you are interested in buying a print marked as POA please contact us for more information.


Remarqued Prints

These are generally seen as the most sought after prints in an edition. This is where the artist will produce an original pencil drawing on the margin of the print, normally on around 25 prints of the edition. Each remarque will be slightly different and, as this is a piece of original artwork, will be very collectable. Prints that are only available on the secondary market that carry a remarque can become worth far more than the standard print.


Companion Print

An additional print, usually issued with smaller dimensions, published to complement a limited edition, and usually issued at the same time.


Matted (or mounted) Print

 A print fitted into an acid-free or conservation matt (or mount), ready for framing. 


The Secondary Market

We see the market as split into two parts; currently available editions and the 'secondary market'. Whilst they are still readily available from the publisher, the market value of a print will stay at basically the same recommended price. However it is when the entire edition sells out and is no longer available from the publisher that prices can begin to change. When this happens the piece is termed 'secondary' and basically demand will outweigh supply. It means that a secondary print will only be available from such places as private collections and become much harder to track down. This is when we really have to put the work in and we have always prided ourselves on the rare secondary market stock that we carry. Very often the print bought today at a standard price can, in time, become worth far more as a collectible piece. Of course, nobody knows which prints this will happen to and it is important primarily to buy them for enjoyment but we have consistently seen work by such artists as Robert Taylor, Gerald Coulson, Anthony Saunders and Richard Taylor achieve far greater values than they were first bought for.