by Keith Burns

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Displaying skills learnt only in combat the crew of a B-17G live up to their bomber’s Flying Fortress name to dispatch an enemy Bf109 with a hail of blistering defensive fire.

When Boeing first unveiled their new B-17 a local journalist was quick to notice the machine’s bristling array of .50 calibre machine-guns. He described the new bomber as a ‘15-ton ‘flying fortress’. The name stuck and it wouldn’t be too long before the Luftwaffe would come face to face with the Fortress’s heavy punch.

In his exciting painting 'One More Closer To Home', award-winning artist Keith Burns illustrates just how dangerous tangling with an Eighth Air Force Fortress could be as he pilot of a Bf109 gets more than he bargained for whilst trying to intercept a B-17G of the 351st Bomb Group heading home to Polebrook.

Faithfully reproduced as a Limited Edition giclée print using the latest digital technology, Keith has personally signed and hand titled the print to guarantee authenticity.

12.5 x 18 inches

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