ORIGINAL STUDIES - Acrylics on Board

by Keith Burns

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Keith’s award-winning talent takes us to the heart of the action in these dramatic and inspirational scenes.

Using his superb technical ability, Keith has crafted these powerful cameos on board and given the popularity of his work, we’re sure they’ll be popular – contact us for more details!


Follow Up

A pair of Mosquito FB Mk.VIs from 143 Squadron, part of the Banff Strike Wing, make a low-level rocket and cannon attack on German coastal shipping off Norway.

Image size: 14” wide x 10” high


Wizard Show

 A cannon-firing de Havilland Mosquito from 143 Squadron attacking enemy coastal shipping.

Image size: 10” wide x 14” high


Watch the Mast

A de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI from 143 Squadron, part of the Banff Strike Wing, makes a devastating low-level rocket attack on enemy coastal shipping.

Image size: 10” wide x 14” high


She's Not Right

 Ground crew work to rectify a problem that has been reported on the starboard engine of an RAF Coastal Command Bristol Beaufighter, Autumn 1944.

Image size:  8” wide x 10” high


Squadron Pooch

Their de Havilland Mosquitos might have the finest pedigree but this squadrons mascot is a much-loved mongrel.

Image size: 14” wide x 10” high

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