STRIKE FORCE - Legacy Remarque Edition

by Robert Taylor & Richard Taylor

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Code-named Operation Opera, on the afternoon of Sunday 7 June 1981 eight Israeli Air Force F-16s armed with two 2,000lb bombs, twin Sidewinder missiles and three external fuel tanks, took off heading for the nearly completed nuclear reactor at Osirak, just south of Baghdad, capital of Iraq.

Shortly after 17.30 hrs, having completed their low-level inbound flight as planned, the F-16s climbed steeply, with the sun at their backs, before they dived in two waves of four aircraft. Minutes later the near-finished reactor was a blasted wreck and meeting little resistance from ineffective flak and a few failed missile launches, the F-16s turned for home. Not a single Israeli aircraft or pilot had been hit and all returned safely.

This dramatic piece serves as a testament to what is one of the most dangerous long-range attack missions in the history of air combat. 

Available in two different Legacy Remarque sizes...

Due to popular demand, we’re delighted to offer ground-breaking Legacy Remarques on this release. Robert’s talented son, Richard Taylor, will create a specially hand-drawn Remarque in the lower border of the print.

These are available to be ordered in two sizes – ‘Quad’ (4 Remarques) and ‘Deluxe’ (7-8 Remarques).

Along with the artists Robert Taylor and Richard Taylor, this print carries the original signatures of six veterans of the Israeli Air Force who flew the F-16 Fighting Falcon during Operation Opera:

  • Colonel ZE'EV RAZ
  • Major General AMOS YADLIN
  • Colonel HAGI KATZ
  • Brigadier General AMIR NACHUMI
  • Brigadier General Iftach Spector
  • Brigadier General RELIK SHAFIR
30.75 x 26.25 inches
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