by Richard Taylor

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Limited edition 150 $110.00
Matted limited edition $175.00
Collector's edition 100 $145.00
Collector's edition artist proofs 25 $195.00
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September 1940, and Mk1 Spitfires from 19 Sqn have been ordered south to engage heavily escorted Luftwaffe bomber formations heading for the Thames Estuary and London. Following intense fighting the Spitfires’ ammunition is expended, and low on fuel the squadron makes a hurried landing at a forward airfield to replenish empty tanks and re-arm. Within minutes they will be airborne again.

Together with the uninviting waters of the Channel, the RAF were the only thing stopping an invasion by Hitler’s all-conquering Panzers.

Completely outnumbered Fighter Command had been forced to go head to head with the most powerful air force in the world and, by the end of October, through raw courage and determination were victorious.

Regarded as one of the best pencil artists in the industry, Richard has hand-crafted this superb drawing on to antique buff paper with intense colour skilfully interwoven into his delicate pencil work, creating a stunning collectors piece. Reproduced directly from his original work, this new limited edition is autographed by some of the Battle of Britain’s most admired veterans:

The Limited Edition

Together with the artist every print is personally signed by three famous Battle of Britain fighter pilots:

  • Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC AE
  • Wing Commander Terence Kane
  • Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC* AFC AE

Matted Limited Edition

With the two signatures listed above, this special copy has been mounted to full conservation standards to include museum-quality reproduction RAF wings, and features an additonal TWO matted signatures, which may vary.

The Collector’s Edition

In addition to the three fighter pilots who have signed the Limited Edition, each print in the Collectors Edition has been personally autographed by a further three Battle of Britain veterans:

  • Wing Commander John 'Tim' Elkington
  • Flight Lieutenant William Robert 'Bob' Hughes DFC AE
  • Squadron Leader Nigel Rose

The Battle of Britain Remarque Editions

Only fifteen of these outstanding TEN SIGNATURE Tribute Remarques will be issued. With all the signatures of the Collector’s Edition, each print will have an original pencil remarque, hand-crafted to order by the artist in the lower margin below the image. The print is then individually conservation matted to include the original pencil signatures of a further four highly decorated Battle of Britain fighter pilots.

The Double Remarques

Each double-size remarque drawing will be individually created on a separate sheet of buff paper in Richard's trademark pencil and paint combination and set into the conservation matting along with the four additional pilot signatures:

  • Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC*
  • Wing Commander Vivian Snell
  • Flight Lieutenant Richard Jones
  • Squadron Leader Jocelyn Millard AE
23.75 x 10.5 inches
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Editions that feature original and unique artwork, such as Remarque, Tribute and matted editions, are specifically hand-crafted to order. As a result, our normal delivery policies do not apply to these items but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as your drawing is complete. If you have any particular request for your remarque drawing – such as specific aircraft markings – please ask when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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