by James Dietz

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Limited edition 175 $95.00
Collectors edition 25 $265.00
Remarque 15 $695.00
Double remarque 10 $975.00
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Formed in early 1941, long before events at Pearl Harbor, a small group of American fighter pilots volunteered to fight the mighty Japanese Air Force which was sweeping imperiously through Indo-China. Known as the American Volunteer Group – or just more simply as THE FLYING TIGERS – during their brief six-month period of combat, and with rarely more than 50 serviceable fighters at their disposal, this small band managed to destroy some 300 Japanese aircraft. Yet, having blazed their way into history, their brief existence came to an abrupt end when on 4 July 1942, the AVG was officially disbanded, absorbed into the USAAF.

To commemorate the legendary exploits of the AVG, Jim Dietz, one of America’s most talented aviation artists, has created BEFORE THE STORM, a powerful painting depicting the Flying Tigers operating their Curtis P-40s in Burma. Sharing their rugged airstrip with a squadron of RAAF Brewster Buffalos, the AVG prepares to launch a hurried take-off to intercept yet another incoming Japanese air raid.

Working in close partnership with Jim, we’re delighted to announce this stunning piece as a tribute to the iconic Flying Tigers.

The Limited Edition

Each print is exclusively hand-numbered and personally signed by the artist James Dietz.

The Matted Collector's Edition

Adding considerable historic significance, each copy in this highly-restricted edition is issued mounted to full conservation standards to include the original and authentic autographs of FIVE famous AVG pilots:

  • Colonel David 'Tex' Hill
  • Colonel Ed Rector
  • Lieutenant Colonel Don Lopez
  • Brigadier General Wiltz Segura
  • Major General John Alison

The Matted Remarques & Double Remarques

Widely considered as some of the best in the industry, artist James Dietz will individually create a unique pencil Remarque in the lower margin of the print. The perfect way for enthusiasts to collect original art!

Created specially for the serious collector, the DOUBLE REMARQUES are much bigger than a standard remarque and exclusively restricted to just 10 copies worldwide.

Both Remarque editions are issued conservation matted to include all signatures of the Collector’s Edition. 



Image size: 20 ¾” wide x 9 ¾” high
Overall print size: 26” wide x 15 ¾” high
Matted size approx: 27 ¼” wide x 16 ¾” high

26 x 15.75 inches
Release Date:

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