by Keith Burns

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A moving Limited Edition print paying tribute to all those who served with Bomber Command during the Second World War

It took the courage of an aircrew to take a bomber on a raid and get home in one piece. And it took hours of gruelling hard work by their ground crew to make sure they did so as safely as possible.

The men of Bomber Command depended on teamwork and trust both in the air and on the ground, because not everyone was a flier. A typical Lancaster had a flight crew of seven, but back on the ground it took three or four times that number to make sure the aircraft was repaired, serviced and fine-tuned to perfection. If the RAF had some of the finest aircrews in the world, so were the ground crews, all highly trained and skilled technicians doing their bit to keep the bomber offensive going. Amongst them were mechanics who could strip an engine in minutes, engineers, fitters, carpenters, electrical and instrument technicians along with armourers, bomb-loaders and bowser drivers, all working around the clock in sometimes cold, lonely and exposed dispersal points. And all making sure that no faults could imperil the safety of the men in the air.

The three pieces forming Keith Burns’ moving triptych Bomber Boys pay a fitting tribute to the thousands of RAF ground crew whose often untold but dedicated duty did so much to keep the aircraft of Bomber Command flying.

The Limited Edition

Restricted to just 100 copies worldwide, each print is personally signed by artist Keith Burns, hand-numbered and issued with a unique Certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.

Upgrade to include a Remarque

Every copy can be upgraded to include an original Remarque by Keith in the lower margin of the print. These can be completed in either pencil or acrylic to create a completely unique piece and if you have a particular request, such as a specific aircraft, please ask when placing your order.

22.5 x 7.5 inches
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Editions that feature original and unique artwork, such as Remarque, Tribute and matted editions, are specifically hand-crafted to order. As a result, our normal delivery policies do not apply to these items but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as your drawing is complete. If you have any particular request for your remarque drawing – such as specific aircraft markings – please ask when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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