by Richard Taylor

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Veterans edition 30 $315.00
Remarque 10 $630.00
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A superb edition remembering the Mustang pilots of the USAAF

By the end of 1944 thousands of sleek, long- range, sparkling silver P-51 Mustangs of the U.S. Eighth Air Force were prowling ever deeper into Germany, seeking out the remnants of Goering’s once-fabled Luftwaffe. For the past year the P-51s had been at the sharp end of the fight but now they dominated the sky, achieving complete combat air superiority over the Reich. The Mustang had been transformed into one of the most potent weapons of the war.

But this outstanding machine could never have achieved such a status without legendary men to fly them – and the Mustang pilots of the ‘Mighty Eighth’ were among the best in the world. Men such as George E. Preddy, John C. Meyer, ‘Bud’ Anderson, ‘Kit’ Carson and Don Blakeslee; not forgetting Robin Olds and Chuck Yeager, the great Clyde East and many others.

Plus men like Colonel John D. Landers, CO of the 78th Fighter Group and main subject of artist Richard Taylor’s stunning contemporary work Eagles of the Eighth. The picture relives a moment during the spring of 1945 in which he and his men are about to start engines and head out from Duxford to strafe targets of opportunity in Germany. Colonel Landers notched up an impressive 14.5 victories – including a share in a Me262A which he achieved flying his P-51D Big Beautiful Doll, whose markings are well known to enthusiasts at air shows across the world.

Sadly, however, time has taken its toll on these great men and many are no longer with us. Aces High is therefore deeply honoured that over the years by up to four famous veterans who flew this amazing fighter in combat during WW2 have been able to join artist Richard Taylor in signing the prints of this memorable edition. In tribute to the great men who flew P-51s, the matted Veterans Edition and Remarques include the original and fully authenticated autographs of some of the finest pilots and Aces to fly Mustangs during the war.

The Limited Edition & Artist Proofs

Two famous P-51 Mustang pilots who flew with the USAAF over Europe during WWII have personally signed each print in these editions:

  • Colonel Art Fiedler
  • Colonel Joe Peterburs

The Collector's Edition

Each print in this four signature edition has been additionally signed two highly-regarded Mustang pilots who achieved Ace status whilst flying P-51s during WWII:

  • Colonel Clarence E 'Bud' Anderson
  • Colonel Steve Pisanos

The Matted Veterans Edition

Adding considerable historical significance, each copy in this highly-restricted edition has been mounted to full conservation standards to include the original and authentic autographs of a further six famous P-51 Mustang pilots who flew during WWII, creating a stunning TEN signature edition:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Bankey
  • Brigadier General Russell Berg
  • Captain James L. Brooks
  • Colonel James Goodson
  • Major Richard 'Bud' Peterson
  • Major General Donald J Strait

The Matted Remarques

With all components of the Veterans Edition, Richard will hand-craft an original drawing in the lower margin of each print to create a unique collectors piece. If you have any particular requests, please ask when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Matted Double Remarques

Specially created for the serious collector, each print is enhanced with a unique double-size pencil drawing, once again finished in Richard's graphite and paint combination.

Approx. matted size: 23” wide x 19” high

22.25 x 15.5 inches

Editions that feature original and unique artwork, such as Remarque, Tribute and matted editions, are specifically hand-crafted to order. As a result, our normal delivery policies do not apply to these items but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as your drawing is complete. If you have any particular request for your remarque drawing – such as specific aircraft markings – please ask when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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