by Richard Taylor

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The task of haymaking is briefly interrupted as a flight of Lancaster bombers, having carried the night-bomber offensive deep into the heart of Germany, return safely from a long, arduous mission. The steady pitch of the four great Merlin engines changes as the battle-weary pilot, eyes rimmed red with exhaustion, eases back on the throttle to makes the final approach to the nearby airfield.

The Lancaster was undoubtedly the RAF's finest heavy bomber and, from early 1942 until the end of the war, it formed the backbone of Bomber Command.

Richard Taylor’s stunning drawing - skilfully crafted in his trademark graphite and paint combination to create a unique 'sepia' effect - is a moving tribute to the Lancaster and the brave men who flew it.


Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist and is ideal for adding signatures at our Bomber Command signing events.

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