by Richard Taylor

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- THE MÖHNE DAM, 00.49 hrs, 17 MAY 1943 - 

A highly-restricted edition commemorating 80 years since the Dambuster Raids: 1943 – 2023

17 May 1943, 00.49 hrs: by this time three specially modified Lancasters had attacked the Möhne Dam with their unique Upkeep ‘bouncing bombs’. Commanding the operation, Guy Gibson had gone first, his Upkeep mine successfully detonating against the dam wall. ‘Hoppy’ Hopgood quickly followed but his aircraft, hit by flak had crashed; his Upkeep, released a second too late, bounced over the dam wall to explode on the power station below just as Mick Martin began the next attack. He, like Gibson, succeeded – their bombs throwing towering columns of water into the air. But despite their accuracy the dam wall held.

Time was ticking by as Gibson called on Dinghy Young to make the next attack. In Perfect Timing, a drawing of outstanding drama, Richard Taylor graphically depicts the moments that followed. Against the fiery backdrop of Hopgood’s near miss Gibson, flying to Young’s starboard side is joined by Mick Martin to port as they attempt to draw some of the enemy flak away from Young as he releases his own Upkeep. With perfect timing the mine bounces over the water and within seconds it too will detonate against the dam wall. Fatally weakened, it will take just one further strike, this time by David Maltby, to deliver the final coup-de-grâce. The first of Germany’s great dams had finally been breached, another – the Eder – will shortly follow.

Faithfully reproduced as high-quality giclée fine art prints, only NINETEEN copies of this memorable edition are available worldwide representing the nineteen Lancaster crews who took part in the Dambuster Raids.

The Veterans Edition

To make every print in this highly-restricted edition completely unique, each has been returned to Richard’s studio for the inclusion of a specially-commissioned pencil Remarque in the lower border.

Completing these very special portfolios and adding great historical importance, prints are then mounted to full conservation standards to include the original and fully-authenticated pencil signatures of SIX famous pilots and aircrew who took part in the raids, including Mick Martin who attacked the Möhne Dam as depicted. The full list of autographs reads:

  • Air Marshal Sir Harold 'Mick' Martin KCB CB DSO* DFC* AFC
  • Squadron Leader George Johnson MBE DFM
  • Squadron Leader Les Munro CNZM DSO QSO DFC
  • Sergeant Fred Sutherland
  • Sergeant Ray Grayston
  • Flight Sergeant Grant McDonald
21 x 14.75 inches
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