by Anthony Saunders

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Limited edition 275 $105.00
Artist proof 25 $160.00
Remarque 25 $545.00
Double remarque 10 $875.00
Giclée studio proof 75 $595.00
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Part of a stunning pair of Limited Edition prints released in tribute to the most versatile Allied combat aircraft of World War II – the de Havilland Mosquito.

There can be little doubt that de Havilland’s famous Mosquito was the Allies’ most versatile, multi-role combat aircraft of World War Two. Constructed mainly of lightweight plywood and balsa, and affectionately nicknamed ‘The Wooden Wonder’, each Mosquito was powered by two mighty liquid-cooled Rolls-Royce Merlins – the legendary 12-cylinder engine used for the Spitfire, the Hurricane and the Lancaster bombers. Those Merlins made the Mosquito one of the fastest piston-engine aircraft of the war, able to roam almost at will over enemy-occupied territory.

Able to carry practically every available weapon in the RAF’s arsenal, Mosquitos operated in numerous roles from fighter-bomber to pathfinder, intruder, photo-reconnaissance, night-fighter, torpedo bomber, anti-shipping and, thanks to the high-performance of those two Merlin engines, a deadly low-level precision strike aircraft famed for audacious attacks such as Operation Jericho on 18 February 1944 when a force of Mosquitos, including those of 464 Squadron RAAF, attacked and breached the walls of Amiens prison. Or the daylight precision raid carried out by the Mosquitos of 105 and 139 Squadrons on 30 January 1943 when they attacked Berlin’s main broadcasting station in a daring low-level strike just as Herman Goering was speaking on the 10th anniversary of Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany. Not only was Goering’s speech cut off air in mid-sentence but a second sortie that afternoon interrupted a similar address by Goebbels.

Needless to say, Mosquito crews needed nerves of steel!

The first print in Anthony’s portfolio paying tribute to the Mosquito – Raiding the Reich – portrays aircraft from 464 Squadron carrying out another blistering attack, this time on Soltau railway station in February 1945 as part of Operation Clarion, the strategic bombing by the Allied air forces of over 200 enemy transport and communication targets in support of British and Canadian armies advancing through northern Germany during the Battle of the Reichswald.

In his second print – The Valiant Return – Anthony has selected another famous Mosquito squadron – 105 Squadron, its title inspired by the squadron’s motto ‘Valiant in Battles’. In June 1943 they were selected to join Bomber Command’s recently-formed No. 8 (Pathfinder Force) Group with their Mosquitos equipped with Oboe, the new radar-assisted system that facilitated highly-accurate blind bombing of enemy targets. This was the system that Air Vice-Marshal Don Bennett, founder and wartime commander of the Pathfinders, considered to be ‘probably the most effective single instrument of warfare in our entire armoury’. In a heart-warming scene set over a beautiful English countryside, Anthony portrays the squadron’s Mosquitos making a safe return to their home base at RAF Bourn during the summer of 1943.

In this striking pair of prints Anthony Saunders pays tribute to this now legendary aircraft and all who flew her.

Exclusively hand-numbered and signed by Anthony, both prints are available individually or as a matching-numbered pair whilst stocks allow! CLICK HERE to view the pair.

The Remarque Edition

Widely considered as some of the best and largest in the industry, Anthony’s unique pencil remarques are individually created in the lower margin of the print. The first edition, consisting of 25 single sized remarques, are a perfect way to collect original art.

The Double Remarques

Created specially for the serious collector, the dramatic Double Remarques are much bigger than a standard remarque and exclusively restricted to just 10 copies worldwide. The demand for these superb creations is such that we urge you to reserve your remarques early to avoid disappointment.

Giclée Studio Proofs

Using the most sophisticated digital Giclée technology, each Studio Proof is printed directly on to fine canvas creating a stunning piece which has all the look and feel of an original painting. Fully authorised, stamped on the back, hand numbered and titled, each canvas proof is supplied pre-stretched ready to simply drop into a frame of your choice.

Overall stretched canvas size: 36" wide x 24" high

26.25 x 19.25 inches
Release Date:

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