by Nicolas Trudgian

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On 24 December 1944 at Hèdrée, Belgium, General Rose of the 3rd Armored Division put out the warning: there can be no retreat from the German onslaught “or there will be a war to be fought all over again”. His “Spearhead” tankers of Easy Company, 32nd AR, took the message to heart.

With this message ringing in their ears, they went on the offensive, cutting the N4 road and buying time for reinforcements to reach the Battle of the Bulge. The Allied counterpunch also continues in the skies above as P-38s of the 370th FG as they to hunt their targets.

We're delighted to have ONE COPY ONLY of this super print which has been signed for posterity by no less than NINE veteran heroes of 'Spearhead':

  • Corporal Clarence Smoyer
  • Sergeant Joe Caserta
  • Private First Class Bradford Freeman
  • Private George Smilanich
  • Private First Class Wayne Field
  • Commander Richard Rohleder
  • 1st Lieutenant Bob Parry
  • Captain James Kunkle
  • Rifleman Buck Marsh
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