by Robert Taylor

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18 APRIL 1942: Sixteen B-25 Mitchell bombers, under the leadership of Lt Col 'Jimmy' Doolittle, set forth on one of the most courageous air raids of WWII. Their mission was a direct strike at the heart of Imperial Japan as a response to the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor four months earlier.

This sunning pencil edition captures the final moments before Doolittle and his intrepid crews take-off from the carrier USS Hornet for their famous raid on Japan. With his B-25 straining against the brakes, the gallant Colonel brings his engines up to full power and within seconds he will hurtle off the heaving deck.

Signed by the artist Robert Taylor, this highly detailed drawing marks a defining moment in the in the history of World War II in the Pacific.

Matted Collector's Piece

We have just a few copies of the Limited Edition that are conservation mounted to include the original autographs of two famous members of the Doolittle Raiders:

  • Major General David M. Jones
  • Staff Sergeant David J. Thatcher
19 x 15 inches
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