by Robert Taylor

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Doug Canning breaks radio silence to call the sighting of Admiral Yamamoto's flight over the pacific island of Bourganville, 18 April 1943. After a two and a half hour, four hundred mile flight just above the waves, mission leader John Mitchell and his 16 ship raiding party push their P-38s to full power to complete one of the most remarkable ambushes in aviation history.

The Limited Edition

Each print is signed by all NINE surviving P-38 Lightning pilots who flew the most successful intercept mission of World War II:

  • Colonel John Mitchell
  • Lieutenant Colonel Roger J Ames
  • Colonel Rex Barber
  • Lieutenant Colonel Doug Canning
  • Captain Delton Goerke
  • Captain Larry Graebener
  • Lieutenant Colonel Besby F Holmes
  • Major Julius Jacobson
  • Lieutenant Colonel Louis R Kittel

The Publishers Proof

As a tribute to the many personnel who played vital roles behind the scenes, some at great personal risk, to enable the success of the Yamamoto mission, a small edition of just 50 Publisher Proofs was issued.  Each Publisher's Proof comes with a matching-numbered companion print reproduced from an original drawing, The Back-Room Boys, by Robert Taylor.  Each print carries the signatures of a group of personnel who contributed in an important and significant way to the success of the Yamamoto mission.

38 x 24 inches
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