by Robert Taylor

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At dawn on 12 February 1942 a German battle fleet rounded the Cherbourg peninsula. Their destination was Germany.

Undetected, the battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, together with the cruiser Prinz Eugen and supporting vessels, had escaped from the French port of Brest, and were making an audacious dash - in broad daylight and under the noses of the enemy - to the safety of the Elbe Estuary. But first they must sail through the Straits of Dover, one of the narrowest and most heavily defended straits in the world.

Everything depended on surprise - and air cover. Given the job of providing that air cover was one of Hitler’s youngest Generals, Adolf Galland, and his Messerschmitt Me109's of JG-26.

Never, perhaps, has such a significant air-sea operation been portrayed with such style as by Robert Taylor in the now classic Masterwork, The Channel Dash. Originally created as the first in the famous ‘Galland Trilogy’, it has been personally signed by Adolf Galland and veterans of Operation Cerberus. It remains most highly desired and collectable limited editions ever published.

The Signatures

Each print has been personally signed by the artist in addition to:

  • Generalleutnant Adolf Galland KC with Oak Leaves Swords and Diamonds
  • Major Gerhard Schopfel KC
  • Korvettekapitän Friedrich-Karl Paul
  • Oberleutnant Adolf Glunz KC WITH OAK LEAVES
  • Oberleutnant-zur-see Gerd-dietrich Schneider
33 x 26 inches
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