by Robert Taylor

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As the massive Lancaster looms majestically over them, the ever vigilant ground crew begin the task of preparing ‘their’ aircraft for the coming night’s operation. Checking, repairing and double-checking again, making sure that nothing goes wrong on the next trip, nothing that could endanger the lives of the crew who depend on them. It will be a race against time!

Robert Taylor’s magnificent drawing, signed by distinguished aircrew who flew with Bomber Command during World War II, pays tribute to all the bomber crews who, night after night when the island fortress of Britain stood facing uncertainty, resolutely carried the fight to the enemy, delivering their deadly payloads deep in the heart of Germany.

The Limited Edition

All prints have been personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor, together with three distinguished aircrew who flew with Bomber Command during WWII:

  • Flight Lieutenant Boris Bressloff DFC
  • Warrant Officer Reg Cleaver
  • Flight Lieutenant Alan Payne DFC

The Bomber Command Edition

In addition to the Limited Edition, the FIFTY signature Bomber Command Edition is signed by a remarkable collection of Bomber Command veterans. The edition also includes a copy of HEROIC ENDEAVOUR, signed by the author:

  • Warrant Officer Bill Bell
  • Flight Lieutenant Ken Carlton
  • Warrant Officer Jim Booker
  • Flight Lieutenant Eric Clarke MiD
  • Warrant Officer Richard Curnock
  • Warrant Officer Eric Evans
  • Warrant Officer Reg Eves
  • Flight Lieutenant Dennis Field
  • Flying Officer George French
  • Warrant Officer Harry Gough
  • Flying Officer Les Hadley
  • Flight Lieutenant John Hall DFC
  • Flight Sergeant Ken Jenkinson
  • Warrant Officer Ken Johnson Ld'H
  • Warrant Officer Norman Jones
  • Flight Lieutenant Bert Kirtland DFC*
  • Flight Lieutenant R L C Lasham DFC*
  • Flight Sergeant Rudolf Leksinski
  • Warrant Officer Jack Linaker
  • Flight Sergeant Norman Lusher
  • Flying Officer Len McNamara DFC
  • Warrant Officer Fred Maltas
  • Flight Sergeant Len Manning
  • Warrant Officer Frank P Mannion
  • Flight Lieutenant 'Bluey' Mottershead DFC
  • Flight Lieutenant Harry Oakeby
  • Warrant Officer Ken O'Brien DFM
  • Warrant Officer Lou Parsons
  • Warrant Officer Ernie Patterson DFM
  • Warrant Officer John Pearl
  • Warrant Officer Ken Rogers
  • Squadron Leader John Rowland DSO DFC*
  • Squadron Leader John Rowland DSO DFC*
  • Flight Lieutenant Ron Smith DFC
  • Warrant Officer Rex Statham
  • Flight Lieutenant 'Dick' Starkey
  • Flying Officer Malcolm Staves
  • Flight Lieutenant Phil Tetlow
  • Warrant Officer Sam Thompson
  • Flight Lieutenant Wilf Tunstall DFC
  • Flight Sergeant Eric Varney MU
  • Flying Officer Frank Wheeler DFC
  • Warrant Officer Andrezj Wesolowski
  • Warrant Officer Tony Winser
  • Flying Officer Raymond Worrall
  • Flight Lieutenant William Kelbrick
  • Warrant Officer John Morrison

The Victoria Cross Edition

Commemorating the twenty-three aircrew of Bomber Command who were awarded the Victoria Cross, the supreme decoration ‘FOR VALOR’, each print is issued with a signed copy of the book 'Heroic Endeavour' and beautifully conservation matted to include a miniature VC and the original signatures of four of these remarkable and brave airmen, making a total of FIFTY FOUR original signatures:

  • Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC OM DSO** DFC*
  • Warrant Officer Norman Jackson VC
  • Wing Commander Rod 'Babe' Learoyd VC
  • Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC
20 x 14 inches
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