by Robert Taylor

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The scene is a familiar one back in 1944. A damaged B-17 Flying Fortress, down on power and speed, has lost touch with the formation and is alone in a hostile sky - easy prey for the enemy fighter. With crew members injured and unable to bale out, the skipper has elected to stay with his ship in an effort to bring his crew home. All on board knew the drill: Once hit, damaged, slowed down and unable to maintain their position in the formation they were on their own. Losing height and dropping out of the relative safety of the group they would become a prime target for the marauding high-altitude fighters of the Luftwaffe, and their chances of survival would be slim.

But this day was different. Their luck was in! High above, a P-51 Mustang long-range escort pilot, himself low on both fuel and ammunition and weary from combat with German fighters, has assessed the plight of the B-17 and closed in to 'ride shotgun' for the long journey home.

Multi-Signed Publisher Proof


Signed only by the artist on release, this completely unique copy has been additionally autographed over the years by an ASTONISHING number of American Air Force and Navy personnel who served during WWII and Vietnam.

As a lasting tribute to the brave aircrew who flew during these crucial periods, no less than FORTY FIVE veterans have personally autographed this incredibly rare and desirable piece:

  • Captain Clayton Gross
  • Brigadier General Robin Olds
  • Captain John R. Strane
  • Major General Donald J Strait
  • Captain John L Minech
  • Captain Charles E Weaver
  • Staff Sergeant Vernon Swain
  • Major Harry Johnson
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Bankey
  • First Lieutenant Mel Roalsvig
  • Colonel Richard Willsie
  • Colonel Charles McGee
  • Captain Fred S. Losch
  • Colonel Walker 'Bud' Mahurin
  • Colonel Art Fiedler
  • First Lieutenant Richard Ostronik
  • First Lieutenant Clint White
  • Captain Harvey Mace
  • General James Hill
  • Colonel Donald Cummings
  • Lieutenant Colonel William W Foard
  • Captain Jack 'Fox' Olson
  • Colonel James Pattillo
  • Colonel Bruce Porter
  • Lieutenant Commander Fred 'Buck' Dungan
  • Commander Ed 'Wendy' Wendorf
  • Colonel Hubert M. Childress
  • Lieutenant Colonel John Loisel
  • Brigadier General Bruce J. Matheson
  • Commander John 'Ted' Crosby
  • Lieutenant Commander James E. Duffy
  • Chief Warrant Officer Michael J. Novosel MOH
  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Karr
  • Lieutenant Colonel Clyde B. East
  • Colonel Richard 'Dick' Denison
  • Colonel Perry J. Dahl
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Nutter
  • Commander Alex Vraciu
  • Captain James L. Brooks
  • Commander Hamilton McWhorter
  • Colonel Robert J. 'Shorty' Rankin
  • Colonel Clarence E 'Bud' Anderson
  • First Lieutenant Raymond T Conlin
  • First Lieutenant John Skara
  • Captain Joseph Forster
33 x 24 inches
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