by Robert Taylor

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Operation Cerberus was the code name for one of the most audacious maritime events ever conceived and executed. It involved the breakout of Germany’s principal capital ships, with a large accompanying flotilla of escort vessels, a dash up the English Channel in broad daylight, pass through the heavily defended Straits of Dover under the noses of the Allies, and escape to the relative safety of the Elbe estuary. The idea seemed preposterous but that is exactly what happened on 12 February 1942.

Painted with great panache to match the daring of the operation itself this fabulous piece, published in 1986, is long since sold out but, nevertheless, copies do find their way onto the secondary market. We believe that it makes a worthy addition to all naval and military art collections, and we will do our best to source you an immaculate copy.

20 x 14 inches
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