by Robert Taylor

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Released in 1997, this was the first in the now legendary ‘Hartmann Trilogy’. Unsurprisingly it sold out on the day of release and has remained in constant demand on the secondary market ever since.

Legend has it that the moment a Russian pilot saw the Bf109 with the distinctive Black Tulip painted on the nose, he would know who the pilot was and radio his colleagues with a warning that the world’s most-feared fighter Ace was on the warpath and their best chance of survival was to depart the scene quickly and without contest. That Ace was, of course, Erich Hartmann who, in just over 2½ years, scored 352 aerial victories to easily become the top-scoring Ace in history. It is a feat unlikely to be replicated.

Robert Taylor’s portrayal of this legendary Pilot depicts the 7 August 1943 as the Ace scores the first of seven victories in a day.

33 x 25 inches
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