by Robert Taylor

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The Doolittle Raiders take their B-25 bombers down to very low level and head for China after delivering their surprise attack on the industrial and military targets in and around Tokyo on April 18, 1942. The sixteen-ship mission, led by colonel Jimmy Doolittle and manned by volunteer crews, successfully completed one of the most audacious air raids of World War II.

Signed by airmen who actually took part in the raid…

This extremely rare print was personally signed prior to publication in 1999 by FOURTEEN Doolittle Raiders:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. Cole
  • Staff Sergeant Rev Jacob Deshazer
  • Major Thomas C. Griffin
  • Major Nolan A. Herndon
  • Brigadier General Everett W. Holstrom
  • Major General David M. Jones
  • Lieutenant Colonel Frank A. Kappelar
  • Lieutenant Colonel James H. Macia
  • Lieutenant Colonel Harry C McCool
  • Lieutenant Colonel Chase J. Nielson
  • Major Howard A. Sessler
  • Captain J. Royden Stork
  • Colonel Henry A. Potter
  • Staff Sergeant David J. Thatcher
34 x 25 inches
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