by Jim Laurier

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The American Volunteer Group (AVG), or "Flying Tigers" as they came to be known, flew against the Japanese before the US was officially involved in WWII. After their disbandment on 4 July 1942, the pilots of the AVG would be allowed to continue flying if they joined the US Army Air Forces.

Some AVG pilots agreed to this and they formed the 23rd Fighter Group, the only USAAF combat group to be organized, equipped, manned and brought into operational status in an actual combat theater during the war. David Lee "Tex" Hill was one AVG ace who joined the 23rd. He is shown standing in front of his Mustang with some of his ground crew after returning from a mission as other P-51Bs and Cs of the 23rd Fighter Group return to the airfield in Kweilin, China. Others drive up in a jeep to greet him and get "the scoop" on the day's action. 

This memorable piece has been personally signed and authenticated by three highly-regarded Aces who flew with the famous 'Flying Tigers':

  • Brigadier General DAVID LEE "TEX" HILL
  • Major General John Alison
  • Lieutenant Colonel Don Lopez
24 x 18 inches

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