by Robert Taylor

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From the Battle of Britain to the last days of a crumbling Third Reich, the magnificient Spitfire became a symbol of the heart of a nation.  For one Halifax crew on 6 October 1944, the presence of 610 Squadron's Spitfires became a godsend.

Tony Gaze and his flight of 610 Squadron Spitfires have picked up a severely damaged Halifax over Holland as it lumbers homeward after an attack on synthetic oil plants in Germany.  Two crew members have been ordered by skipper Ted McGindle to depart the ailing bomber by parachute while he struggles on with other crew members too badly wounded to escape.  Top cover provided by 610's Spitfires ensured this 462 Squadron Halifax made it home on that October day.

Each copy of Top Cover is issued with a matching numbered copy of Robert Taylor's Air Combat Paintings Volume V.

Lithograph and book set
27.25 x 19.5 inches
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