by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor has painted a magnificent reconstruction of a mission during the final stages of that momentous conflict. Depicted are B-29s of the 499th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing of the 20th Air Force. After a daylight raid on Tokyo, showing all the telltale signs of combat over the target, a Wing of the world's largest and fastest-ever piston-engined bombers make their long over-water journey home, still many hours away at Saipan Island. At the extremity of their range, 'little friends', very-long-range P-51 Mustang escort fighters, peel off and head for home - leaving the mighty bombers to fend for themselves.

The Signatures

Each copy of Valor in the Pacific is signed by FOUR highly decorated B-29 pilots.  Each copy of Fortress under Attack (Companion Print) is signed by Two Medal of Honor recipients:

  • Colonel Robert Morgan
  • Lieutenant Chester Marshall
  • Brigadier General Henry Huglin
  • Colonel RAY BRASHEAR
  • Master Sergeant Red Erwin (companion)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jay Zeamer (companion)
34 x 25 inches
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