by Nicolas Trudgian

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Winter 1945, as dusk falls the peaceful tranquility of a timeless English village is briefly disturbed by P-51 Mustangs of the 357th FG as they hurry home to Leiston at the end of a hazardous escort mission over Germany. The picturesque serenity of the snowy winter’s eve seems to bid a warm welcome to the returning Mustangs pilots.

Typically a four signature edition, this print has been additionally signed throughout the years to include a further five autographs, making it a NINE signature edition, all of whom flew P-51s in combat during the second World War:

  • First Lieutenant Raymond T Conlin
  • Brigadier General Robin Olds
  • Captain James L. Brooks
  • Major General Donald J Strait
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ervin Miller
  • Colonel Clarence E 'Bud' Anderson
  • Captain Robert P Winks
  • First Lieutenant John Skara
  • Lieutenant Colonel Clyde B. East

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