by Robert Taylor

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It was the foundation upon which the Luftwaffe was built and flew throughout WWII. It was flown by some of the greatest fighter Aces of all time, and credited with more air victories than any other fighter in history. It was the Messerschmitt Bf109.

One of the finest fighter aircraft ever to take to the skies, the Bf109 was flown by the Luftwaffe’s greatest Aces - men like Hartmann, Galland, Rall, Reinert and Krupinski. The drawing has been skillfully executed by Robert, the world's foremost aviation artist, and is an outstanding opportunity for all collectors of aviation art and historical signatures.

The Limited Edition

Every print in this edition has been personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor, together with one of the most legendary fighter Aces of all time:

  • Generalleutnant Günther Rall KC with Oak Leaves and Swords

The Eagles Edition

This SIX signature edition is expertly conservation matted to include museum-quality reproduction Luftwaffe fighter pilot’s wings and the original signatures of a further five highly decorated Luftwaffe Bf109 Aces.
(Overall matte size: 17½” wide x 17½” high)

  • Oberst Herbert Ihlefeld KC with Oak Leaves and Swords
  • Generalmajor Dietrich Hrabak KC WITH OAK LEAVES
  • Oberleutnant Walter Wolfrum KC
  • Generalleutnant Walter Krupinski KC with Oak Leaves
  • Oberstleutnant Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert KC with Oak Leaves and Swords

The Luftwaffe Tribute Proof

With all the components of the Eagles Edition, the TEN signature Tribute Proofs are embellished by a replica Knight’s Cross ribbon and contain the original matted signatures of a further four of the Luftwaffe’s most famous Aces and exponents of the Bf109. These signatories represent a combined total of a staggering 1,519 air victories during World War II.
(Overall matte size: 17½” wide x 19” high)

  • Oberst Erich Hartmann KC with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds
  • Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski KC with Oak Leaves
  • Generalleutnant Adolf Galland KC with Oak Leaves Swords and Diamonds
  • Oberst Hajo Hermann KC with Oak Leaves and Swords
13 x 9 inches
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