by Jim Laurier

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On 21 November 1944, Lt Col John C. Meyer of the 352nd Fighter Group led eleven P-51 Mustangs on a fighter cover mission for B-17 bombers. Spotting about forty Fw-190s trying to intercept the bomber stream near Leipzig, Germany, Meyer maneuvered his “Blue Nosers” into an attack position behind the Luftwaffe fighters.

Achieving surprise, Meyer claimed three victories on that day. For one kill, Meyer used the contrail of an Fw-190 to mask his approach from behind, only getting partial glimpses of the enemy fighter as he closed the distance. Once he was very close, he fired blindly through the contrail until he saw strike flashes and an explosion. He pulled his Mustang up and narrowly missed being hit by flying debris from the enemy fighter.  

Artist Jim Laurier has personally signed and hand-numbered this superb print.

26 x 18 inches

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